Derry NH Newborn Portrait - Baby Milo

Newborn Baby Boy sleeping in basket on white fur. Derry NH Newborn Portrait Near Me.

Derry NH Newborn Portrait Session

As a photographer, there are moments that simply take your breath away. One such moment was capturing the stunning beauty of a mom-to-be during her maternity session a few months ago at Massabessic Audubon. A few months later Baby Milo would grace our studio with his presence for his newborn session.

Milo’s newborn session was a dream come true, filled with adorable outfits, whimsical props, and the magic of capturing those fleeting moments of pure innocence. The session was made extra special by the fact that Milo’s mom had brought along some charming outfits, including an astronaut ensemble complete with a moon-shaped pillow and twinkling stars. It was an out-of-this-world setup that perfectly complemented the preciousness of newborn photography.

One of the standout moments during the session was when we transformed Milo into the most adorable baby fox you’ve ever seen. The result was heart-meltingly cute, and Milo rocked the setup like a true superstar, displaying the natural charm that only newborns possess.

One thing I can’t stress enough is the importance of scheduling newborn sessions as early as possible. To ensure availability, I recommend penciling in a session based on the due date. Typically, I schedule sessions within the first two weeks from birth when babies are at their sleepiest and most cooperative. I provide a range of outfits, wraps, backdrops, and props to make every session unique and memorable.

At my studio, I believe in creating a relaxed and comfortable environment for both baby and parents. During Milo’s session, I wanted mom to feel pampered. Mom came in during lunchtime, and I had a delicious lunch from Windham Depot Junction delivered to the studio. It was a chance for her to take a break, savor a meal, and recharge while I worked my magic with baby Milo.

Capturing the moments of new life, such as Milo’s, is a privilege I hold close to my heart. I’m grateful to have shared this beautiful journey with Milo and his family, from the radiant maternity session to the cozy newborn moments in my studio. Each session is a unique chapter in a family’s story, and I’m honored to be the storyteller.

If you’re expecting or know someone who is, I invite you to connect with me early and reserve your spot for a newborn session filled with warmth, love, and the magic of new beginnings. In my studio, every session is a celebration of life, and I can’t wait to capture those precious moments for you.

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