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Preparing for a Newborn Portrait Session

Preparing for a Newborn Portrait Session

    Your newborn session is right around the corner! Are you ready? I’ve created a checklist for Preparing for a Newborn Portrait Session. Here is a list of things for you to remember to ensure you are prepared so you can come relaxed and ready.  

    Preparing for Newborn Baby Portrait Session
    Preparing for Newborn Portrait Session

    Feed Baby Prior to the Session

    Don’t forget to feed your newborn before the session. I recommend that you top baby off just before heading out. The vibrations from the car ride will help soothe any bubbles in the tummy and ease baby into a deep sleep. Dress baby in a button or snap-up sleeper with nothing underneath. I strongly advise that you do not dress baby in a onesie or anything that needs to go overhead. Also, pack extra bottles or expect to nurse baby, just in case hunger strikes again while we’re shooting. Plan to bring an extra shirt that you can comfortably nurse baby if you plan to nurse. Moms will typically bring a blouse that looks amazing for the portrait session but is not designed for breastfeeding.

    Preparing for Newborn Baby Portrait Session
    Baby Everett in knit blue romper in wooden bowl

    Be Prepared for your Newborn Session

    Two days prior to the Newborn Portrait Session, pack a bag of everything you will need on picture day – pacifiers, diapers, etc. Place the bag somewhere you can grab it and go. The studio is stocked with extra diapers, sterile pacifiers, pacifier wipes, and packs of baby wipes. I even have newborn hair brushes and comb sets. A changing table is available for use that is covered with a new disposable changing pad for each session. The session is lengthy so plan to pack snacks. I do provide some snacks and bottled water.

    What to expect

    When you arrive I will wear a mask and wash my hands before easing baby out of the carrier into a warm wrap. The studio is kept at a warm temperature. I have a small heater bouncing a gentle warm breeze off my studio light keeping baby warm and relaxed throughout the session. I will have some soft background music blended with white noise to help baby stay in a deep sleep. Most over-tired parents struggle to stay awake during the session with all the things I do to keep baby sleepy. Feel free to sit back during your newborn portrait session and unwind and take advantage of the break while I work with your newest addition.

    I will let baby lead the newborn portrait session. When you arrive I will ease baby out of the carrier and slowly undress baby down to the diaper. I will then begin to wrap baby. If baby needs some settling and possibly even a quick feeding I will then take the time to soothe or feed baby. From there we will do a series of poses on a beanbag with a wrap. Depending on how well baby is settling I may go right into family/parent poses. Parent and family poses can be rather quick and easy. I love to capture the connection and intimacy of baby with mom and dad.

    To learn more about booking a newborn session check out this article about Hiring a Newborn Photographer.