NH Newborn Portrait - Baby Boy in knit brown romper looking at the camera.

Andover MA Newborn Photographer

Boutique styled, full service studio crafting Newborn Art with handmade outfits and props. A relaxed environment for both parents and baby, creating a memorable experience. 

Andover Massachusetts Newborn Portraits

Newborn portrait of mother holding baby with father holding 2 year old sibling. Sibling is kissing the newborn.

Family & Newborn

I love creating portraits of baby with the family. I always tell mom and dad it’s a tight shot showcasing the intimacy of baby with each parent.                                                                      


Windham NH Newborn portrait of parents hands holding newborns feet.

Tiny Details

In the blink of an eye they are no longer this teeny tiny little creation. Capturing all their little toes and fingers and precious little profile is so important.                      


Windham NH Newborn Portrait of newborn girl in simple ivory setting.


Newborn Portraits are about stopping time and creating a memory of this preciouse moment in your life. Simplicity isthe best way to showcase this moment.


The Newborn Experience

Windham NH Newborn portrait of sister holding baby sister.

Frequently Asked Questions.

It's never too early to reserve your newborn session. If baby has not arrived yet, we use your due date to pencil you in for a session. If baby is already here, it's best to schedule the session to take place within the first few weeks from birth.

It's all about expectations. I expect baby to cry, poop, pee, spit up and need to eat. I have many methods of soothing and settling a newborn. I have yet to meet a baby I cannot settle into a session and I have photographed hundreds of babies.

Newborn Sessions typically are 2-3 hours. Petite Sessions are available, which are an hour long. We can discuss what you are looking for in a session and decide what best fits your needs.

First we set up a time to chat on the phone or meet over zoom. We discuss everything you are looking for in a session. Next we either pencil you in with your due date. If baby is already here and I have availability we schedule the session. A few days before your scheduled session you will receive a session reminder with preps tips so you can be fully prepared. A few days after your session, you will view your gallery unedited. Once you have made your selections I will then fully edit your selected images. 

No worries. Each image you select for your final image collection will be masterfully retouched. I've been editing skin imperfections for more than 20 years. 

In-home sessions are available upon request. First we discuss your home setup and your vision for your session to see if an in-home session is the best fit. In-home sessions are done a bit differently than in-studio sessions.

Let's Connect

Let’s setup a time to chat on the phone or meet over zoom. We can discuss any ideas you may have for a session and go over session details and pricing. Once you have decided to move forward with a session we can then pencil you in with your due date or schedule the session depending on availability. Sessions do book up so it’s best to reserve a session as soon as you have made your decision. I only take on a limited number of Newborn Sessions each month so I can give each session the time and attention needed to create a memorable experience. 

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