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Capturing their Personality

Milestone Portrait

The Milestone Session starts off with a simple portrait. The Milestone portrait of an active one year old toddler is a beautiful and timeless keepsake that captures the energy and spirit of your little one. This portrait is designed to preserve the precious moments of your toddler’s development and growth in the early years. The portrait features a candid image of your child in action, smiling, laughing, and exploring the world around them. 

Boston Cake Smash Portrait of One Year olad baby crawling on white backdrop looking at camera.
Derry NH One Year Portrait Session - Baby Girl Standing in lace romper with jumbo pink balloon.

So Much Fun

Cake Smash

Sweet and Messy Memories. Capturing the Fun of a One-Year-Old Cake Smash Portrait Session, is a delightful experience that you and your little one shouldn't miss! This session is designed to capture all the fun of your child's first birthday, with the added excitement of them digging into a delicious cake. The result is a collection of precious memories that you will treasure forever.

Boston Cake smash portrait session of one year old baby girl sitting in small claw foot tub in bubble bath.

Splish Splash

Tubby Time

Time to clean up and wash off the messy frosting and splash around. Who doesn’t love a bubble bath?

What to Expect

Capturing the Milestone

Your one-year-old is entering a phase of rapid development, marked by their newfound mobility and the excitement of taking their first steps. Our photography sessions are thoughtfully designed to capture these precious moments, creating lasting memories.


Customization and Creativity

Our portrait sessions offer a range of creative possibilities. Whether you prefer a simple, classic look against a clean white backdrop or have a unique vision in mind, we work closely with you to design a session that showcases your baby’s personality and style.


The Session Details

The session typically begins with portraits of your baby sitting and standing, often with the support of a short stool or a prop. Balloons can be incorporated into these shots, depending on the preferences we discuss during the planning process.


The Cake Smash

A highlight of our one-year-old sessions is the cake smash. We introduce your little one to a beautifully decorated cake and capture those delightful moments as they explore, taste, and make a mess. Some babies eagerly dive into the cake, while others may need a bit of encouragement. We advise parents to come prepared, dressed comfortably, and ready to engage with their active one-year-old.


Bubble Bath Fun

Following the cake smash, I quickly grab a small claw foot tub filled with warm water and bubbles. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your child to have fun and splash around while getting cleaned up from the cake. 


Cake Ordering and Preparation

To ensure a seamless experience and address any potential allergies, we recommend parents order the cake themselves. We discuss the session’s theme with you to determine the appropriate size and design. When selecting a cake, we suggest opting for a soft, buttercream-frosted cake to allow your baby to explore and enjoy the cake without frustration. A firm cake covered in fondant can be too challenging for a one year old to break into and they quickly lose interest in the cake.


Balloons and Outfits

We provide a variety of balloon options for your session, including balloon garlands, clusters of floating balloons on strings, or even a single large balloon, all tailored to your preferences and planned in advance.

Parents are welcome to bring multiple outfits, allowing for outfit changes during the session. However, we advise moderation in outfit changes to ensure your baby remains content and happy throughout the session. We offer a towel for drying off your baby after the bubble bath, ensuring they are comfortable and ready to go.


I am dedicated to creating a memorable and personalized one-year-old portrait session that captures the joy, curiosity, and wonder of this special milestone. I look forward to working closely with you to ensure the session is an unforgettable experience for both you and your little one.

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