Baby James - A Baby Story

A Baby Story…

“My husband and I talked about children for years before James came along and we dreamed of all of the activities, the fun trips and the new experiences we would share with them. On a cold and icy February morning, James decided it was time to get ready to meet his parents.”   newborn snuggled in wrap

“It took us over two and a half hours to get to Boston that morning – longer than it had ever taken before from our home (only 25 miles from the city)! When we arrived to the hospital, it was a whirlwind, so many other families had gone into labor that morning also! The nurses cited the impending two huge snowstorms as the reason for the packed delivery floor – “storms bring babies” they said. By the next morning, James made his entrance into the world.”newborn stretching

“I will never forget the emotions that ran through me the minute I saw his tiny little face, hands and feet, and my husband’s unforgettable smile. It was nothing short of perfect. We brought James home just as Boston was cleaning up over a foot of snow and we have been lucky to have spent the last three months enjoying every smile, coo and cry.”black and white of newborn in parents hands

“I always thought of how different life would be once James arrived, and trust me – it is! -but I also cannot imagine life without him in it.”newborn in parents hands

“He brings such joy to our lives and I wish all new parents and families the happiness that a newborn baby brings. Capture those moments and cherish every one of them!”newborn snuggled in basket

newborn baby boy

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